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No matter how big or small, every business is exposed to potential financial loss in some way or another. Do you have all of the coverage that you need to protect your business? Do you have too much coverage? Our experienced and friendly brokers are here to help you with these questions (and more!) and would love the chance to review your existing policy and give advice on what coverages would best suit your situation. We have a wide array of insurance companies available to find coverage for any type of business - from small businesses such as a part time fitness instructor to larger organizations such as a multi-provincial transportation company.

Our markets have many different commercial packages and individual coverages available to you such as (but not limited to):

Commercial General Liability

Designed to protect you in the event that you are found to have caused property damage or bodily injury due to your negligence with respect to the operations of your business
Limits available are from $1,000,000 and up

Building Coverage (if building is owned)

Designed to cover the physical building that you operate from.

Business Contents Coverage

Designed to cover the contents used for your business on your company’s premises including office furniture, computers, shelving, etc.


Designed to cover stock or inventory which you have on your premises such as food in a restaurant or grocery store


Covers the equipment used for your business including forklifts, bobcats, generators, scaffolding, etc.

Tool Floater

Covers tools used on the job site and wherever else you take your tools

Business Interruption

Designed to cover lost income in the event that your business is unable to continue operating for a time due to an insured loss.

Rental Income

Covers loss of rental income if you are renting a portion of your building to another business in the event they are unable to stay in the building due to an insured loss.

Tenants Legal Liability

If you are renting your office space this would cover you if you are found to be responsible for damage done to the premises (other than your contents).

And much, much more...!

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