Travel Insurance

Do you travel out of province? If so, do you have a plan in place should you have a medical emergency while on your trip? A travel insurance policy might be exactly what you need as an affordable and comprehensive solution to reduce the stress and above all the potential severe cost of an unexpected medical emergency while away from your home province. At Costen we have access to several reputable travel insurance companies that have a wide array of coverages and policies available that we can custom tailor to suit your needs.

Below is a list of some of the products available through our brokerage:

Basic Emergency Hospital and Medical plan (single trip)

Limits available range from $5,000,000 to Unlimited

Basic Annual Emergency Hospital and Medical plan (multi trip)

Limits available range from $5,000,000 to Unlimited
Several options available for this annual plan ranging from 4 days per trip to 125 days per trip

Trip Interruption and Cancellation Policies

Can be purchased in conjunction with an emergency medical plan or as a stand-alone plan
Covers you in the event that you need to cancel your trip prior to departure or if you need to cut your trip short due to an emergency back at home

Baggage Coverage

Can be purchased to cover lost baggage while on your trip.

Rental Car Coverage

Can be purchased on a per day basis to cover physical damage to your rental vehicle while you are travelling overseas.
NOTE: most automobile policies extend coverage to rental vehicles, but only within North America so the purpose of this policy is to cover your rental vehicle if you are travelling outside of North America.

Visitors to Canada Policies

Limits available ranging from $10,000 to $150,000 in coverage
Designed for anyone visiting Canada who may not have been able to obtain travel insurance from their country of origin or for new residents in Canada who are waiting for their Alberta Health Care to take effect

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